Madeira Radical is a touristic company directed by fresh and open minded people who loves adrenaline.
We have some sports and many tours but the most important is Rent Scooters; we have some motorcycles to rent with two or three wheels for all kind of people.
You cannot refuse this great opportunity with so many extras: assistance, free bags, great supplement and insurance included!
Come try our Scooters and have fun!


Want to rent a Scooter in Madeira Island?


If you are practical, Honda PCX or even Honda SH is amazing, perfect to drive in the city in the middle of streets full of cars; if you are more classic and you love the oldies, Vespa is a great machine, very beautiful and easy to maneuver, we promise that this machine won’t bite you!
If you are a new rider without balance and you have some fear in ride a scooter, don’t worry, we have a great solution for you: Yamaha Tricity: Three wheels, easy to ride and comfortable!

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